Being part of Preschool

Parents, family and carers are important members of our Preschool with valuable knowledge and information to share about their children. We will make time to find out from you about your child's interests, likes, dislikes and special requirements. By sharing information, you can make sure that the Preschool provides the most appropriate care and education for your child.  
We encourage you to become involved in all aspects of the Preschool. You are always welcome to join in sessions and help, for example, by reading to children or taking part in activities, such as, storytelling or cooking. Some parents and carers go into childcare training after helping at our Preschool . You can also become involved in external activities by accompanying your child on special outings.
You can be involved in the Preschool's management through the parent committee. Parent committees enable every parent to have a positive influence over how their Preschool is run; they meet regularly to discuss and feedback ideas on improving the running of the Preschool. We also keep you up-to-date and involved by newsletters and a daily notice board.