Settling In

We aim to make the step from home to the Preschool a positive experience for everyone. Once your child has a place at the Preschool, you and your child will start a 'settling-in' period. Each family will have time to get to know the staff and their key person to enable them to feel secure and settled. The family can become familiar with the Preschool routines and the environment.
Families and carers are the best people to help us get to know each child. One person from the family will be asked to stay with your child to introduce them gradually to the Preschool routine so that they can settle comfortably.
You may need to make several visits to the Preschool with your child before you leave them. Please feel that you can discuss the way to best settle your child into the Preschool so that you will feel confident when you leave your child in our care. When the child is ready to stay with us we ask that the family member with them says, “Good-bye” (or any equivalent the child is used to) and leaves. We will let you know that your child is settled.